Each participant in the trip must comply with the rules of prudence and respect the advice of the guide.
The chosen route can be changed at the last minute due to incidents beyond our control. We will do our best to provide you the route closest to that originally described. We can not be held responsible for delays caused by air disturbances at both national and international (overbooked, delayed or canceled flight), bad weather, bad roads and trails, local strikes, changes in government or natural incidents, etc..

Any interruption of the trip was due to one of these causes will give rise to a refund from us. However, be aware that in the event of a program must be discontinued, we do everything in our power to find an alternative that satisfies everyone.

We must ensure that our teams, even if the program is interrupted along the way or if it was simply not necessary, due to causes beyond the control of the agency, we will be able to pay their salary for the duration of the circuit.

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